Thank you Tyra Banks for attention to Vitiligio Beauty

WE are searching for Freckles, Vitiligo beauties and ladies who might not know that they are beautiful to join us here on   Our winter camp will focus on the things ladies need to know to get that swagger in their walk.  Just because you have Vitiligo or Freckles we have found that they add a definite advantage in the companion world.

Contact us by email: 
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Bikini or Nude Maid Service – We Train You

We got asked to teach a small course for Bikini or Nude Maid Service company owners and now it is being offered this summer.  The course talks about the business of cleaning houses or business and what is involved with this type of company. maid06

We only have room for 4 campers at a time so reservations are a must.  This is the newest business trend for established Escort Company Owners.